Gentle, though powerful energetic healing which has a far reaching and beautiful impact

As word spread my work has expanded to support all those who ask.  Below 3 different clients share their experiences ....

Androulla had been unable to walk on her ankle for nearly a year 

Painful ankle

Francesca contacted me when her cat was hospitalised

A Constipated Cat

Robert contacted me when his retired polo ponies developed separation anxiety following the death of a companion

Separation Anxiety




Wendy started working with horses 20 years ago using essential oils under the banner of Mulberry Aromatics and her work has evolved.


"Wendy obviously has a deep loving connection with horses enabling healing to take place on a deep level." 


A professional and gifted spiritual healer has emerged, as Wendy is an exceptional intuitive and quickly "changes" emotional and physical energy to support the holistic health and emotional well-being all her clients.  As her results have become known people have asked for help for their children, cats and dogs and referred friends.

Whilst Wendy has a natural ability to heal, she has been drawn to understanding energy in a logical way and practices the methods of  Dr Grigori Grabovoi as she continuously studies with E=Vs.  Her teachers; Marian Mace and Brian Power have the following to say:

"Around two years ago, we met Wendy Price and have watched her blossom.

We witnessed her innate skills as a medical intuitive animal healer personally in Thailand this year during her interaction with the local elephants. Her passion and gift to communicate and develop the harmonious interactions between animals and humans is inspiring.


We would highly recommend Wendy to anyone!"

This knowledge enables her to purposefully direct energy within strict ethical parameters which change the energy of the injury, disease or emotion. 

Wendy is also an accredited Clinical Aromatherapist, Hypnotherapist, Applied Zoopharmacognosy (Animal Aromatics Practitioner) and Spiritual and Intuitive Coach and therefore her private consultations draw on a diverse and unique set of skills which bring rapid results.

Wendy Price TIDHA DipAHH  IAZ Dip
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(++44) - 07850 - 640972

I'm based just south of Manchester near Gatley, though travel throughout the UK.  My energetic re-alignment work is just as effective when done remotely. 


I invite you to reach out rather than worry, as I would love to support you.  If I think I will not be able to help you, then I will say, but I am likely to give you a suggestion as to an alternative course of action.  Please don't be shy,  give me a call, text or drop me a brief email using the form below.

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