I've been healing for 20 years, though it is only recently that I have accepted the impact I have and acknowledged that my purpose is to heal.   I work slightly differently in that I do not channel energy but I proactively work with the body's energy field.

So how did I reach this point?

As a small child, I was fascinated by the miracle of the human body, my Grandfather, a practicing acupuncturist encouraged my interest and shared his books with me - some of these are now my treasured possessions.  I had wanted to be a doctor but life had a different plan for me.  Now, as I look back at how I arrived at this point - perhaps I would not have realised or allowed my gift to flourish had I followed a conventional path.


Briefly, I qualified as an holistic aromatherapist,  having trained at the Tisserand Institute in London and ended up with a livery yard - a story in itself which I won't bore you with!  However, a whole new world then opened up as I discovered how quickly a horse would heal emotionally and physically using essential oils and aromatics.  I built a practice working with horses with sarcoids and behavioural problems and kept getting great results.  Experiencing the dramatic changes in a horse's behaviour and condition, I questioned that if a horse could change so quickly, could we not also?


My curiosity about the power of our minds and the impact of our emotions on our health then took me in a slightly different direction which resulted in my qualifying  in hypnotherapy at The Academy of Holistic Hypnotherapy.   Along the way, I also immersed myself becoming an intuitive and spiritual life coach, which incidentally developed my animal communication and intuitive skills, though these support me enormously when working with my clients. 


As a hypnotherapist and coach, I began working with people with cancer and in all cases my clients reported a reduction in the size of their tumours but a little voice kept whispering to me work with horses, help those with sarcoids, help those in pain, help those afraid and traumatised and help those that need a miracle!

During a visit to the Casa of John of God in Brazil, I underwent some transformational healing and in turn began to understand my own gifts as a healer but more importantly my deep connection to animals and how to help them.  


Then I discovered the work of Dr Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi being taught by Marion Mace and Brian Power and the strands of all my learning, intuition and questions came together.  I finally understood my energy, how I worked and the time had come to put myself out in the world and work with horses.  I am effectively getting the same results working remotely with horses, as I used to get with the essential oils and aromatics though if I visit a horse the results, in many cases, are quick.

I shall look forward to working with you

Wendy Price