"I had no hesitation in seeking Wendy's help when my two retired Polo horses needed healing. Both horses were showing signs of lameness and heightened levels of stress with related behavioural issues during October of 2017.


Wendy allocated her time each day to work with each horse on alternative days. Both horses were able to be ridden within a week and within two weeks were calm and no longer stressed about being apart allowing them to graze contentedly in separate paddocks. Wendy has also dedicated her time to provide me with appropriate advice to help the healing process.


I have been amazed with results that Wendy has achieved in such a short time and I am truly grateful for her dedication to help those in need of healing. In my humble opinion, Wendy has an incredible talent to connect with and heal when it matters most. Based on my experience of her work with my horses, I have no hesitation in recommending her work in healing animals".


Last year Androulla fell over several times, hurting her knees, hips and in particular her right ankle. Over the year she became less mobile.  Her ankle had started to feel a little better and then one night when she turned over in bed and felt as if it had been smashed with a sledge hammer. The pain was terrible and once again she could barely walk and was tending to drag her right foot behind her.


I asked Wendy if she would "look" at my foot.  Later that afternoon I was walking very cautiously when I suddenly realised there was no pain in my ankle. I started to walk normally and again there was no pain. NO PAIN AT ALL!!! 30 seconds later Wendy rang me to say she had just done a little work on my ankle and how did it feel.


She was able to describe EXACTLY how it had felt and she had done some controls on it. Over the past week I have been walking more and more. Today every bone in my body hurts except.... my ankle but I spent 10 hours yesterday helping a friend move house which I would not have been able to do last week. My love and eternal gratitude to Wendy for what she has done for me 



Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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