7 Jun 2018

Equine Wellness Consultant, Wendy Price, explores the power of healing horses and does it really work?

I’ve been healing for years, my first experience was being “guided” to take the heat from a dying lamb’s lungs, which was not expected to survive the night.  I’ll neve...

9 May 2018

Over the years I’ve worked with several horses each troubled by sarcoids and my focus has always been their emotions first, simply because when gathering their case history, in most cases there had been a significant traumatic event for the horse, just prior to the fir...

26 Apr 2018

Henry has sarcoids and I have been giving him healing for these. The sarcoids have begun to change but what has been more delightful to witness is the change in Henry's personality.

4 Apr 2018

Horses are just like us, they experience fear, anxiety, grief, loss and lack of confidence and each of these emotions has an impact on their health. Grief and anger, if not expressed, turns inwards and can lead to depression and some horses choose to isolated themselve...

5 Mar 2018

For years, I’d been amused by horses selecting remedies, not for themselves but for their owners!  It may seem incredible but it happened too often to ignore.  Importantly though, the owner's emotional or physical state was having an impact on their horse's health....

2 Feb 2018

Embracing the Connection

I find it absolutely fascinating how a horse, who has perhaps never had an animal communicator connect with him, embraces the moment and immediately shares images that have meaning for their owner.

Two horses, Henry and Inndie have made me laugh...

22 Jan 2018


Billy arrived in my yard as a very angry, shutdown horse with a history of taking off with his riders and being notoriously difficult to catch but when I first saw him my heart melted.

It may be corny, but a turning point for us was when I watched The H...

15 Jan 2018

Another of the joys of running my livery yard was the flock of sheep I had during lambing.

One young lamb was incredibly instrumental in my journey.  This poor little fella had developed a chest infection and he was starting to slip away.   Never had I felt so determine...

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May 9, 2018

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