"I had no hesitation in seeking Wendy's help when my two retired Polo horses needed healing. Both horses were showing signs of lameness and heightened levels of stress with related behavioural issues during October of 2017.


Wendy allocated her time each day to work with each horse on alternative days. Both horses were able to be ridden within a week and within two weeks were calm and no longer stressed about being apart allowing them to graze contentedly in separate paddocks. Wendy has also dedicated her time to provide me with appropriate advice to help the healing process.


I have been amazed with results that Wendy has achieved in such a short time and I am truly grateful for her dedication to help those in need of healing. In my humble opinion, Wendy has an incredible talent to connect with and heal when it matters most. Based on my experience of her work with my horses, I have no hesitation in recommending her work in healing animals".


Kahuna was a 15 year old cat who was struggling with severe constipation which had been ongoing for 4 months.  It had reached the stage where veterinary help had been sought, but this required full sedation and they were unable to understand what was causing the problem.  Kahuna was obviously in discomfort and beginning to show his distress, so Francesca knew this could not continue for much longer.

Francesca contacted me when Kahuna was hospitalised.




One Saturday it got so bad I took him in and he stayed in the Vets for 4 days and it was during this time that Wendy came on the scene.  Not having children, my cat is ‘my boy’ so her calm manner was particularly valuable in helping me ground from the panic I was in.  She explained her work and suggested that I ‘tune in’ to him regularly and send him lots of love.  I find this difficult as I tend to imagine the worst, but one night I cleared my mind as best I could and imagined him in his little enclosure. I was astonished to ‘see’ him surrounded by golden light and feeling blissed out.  In fact the energy was so blissful I became extraordinarily serene for several hours myself. I knew he was going to be ok. It didn’t surprise me to discover Wendy had been sending him healing at around that time and one of the things she does is see him surrounded by golden light. He came home and chilled out really well. I am sure I could tell when Wendy was connecting with him and sending him healing as he lay on his back all stretched out as if he didn’t have a care in the world.


One morning I woke up hoping he’d been able to defecate on his own and to my utter delight he had. I sent a message to Wendy with the good news and her response was that she’d given him a good talking to the night before!


Since then we’ve had a diagnosis that he has a tumour under his rib cage and a number of masses in his abdomen and according to the Vets it’s really only a matter of time. I brought him home from that Vet visit in a deep sedation which lasted for so long I didn’t think he’d ever come out of it. Wendy talked me though a visualisation and on her suggestion lay him on my chest. It took me a few hours before I could focus on anything other than my sadness he was about to pass but eventually I managed to shift my attention to this meditative visualisation and not only did I sense Kahuna being surrounded by a golden sphere, I felt myself being held in a divine embrace too.


For the last fortnight he hasn’t been constipated and in fact he looks much more kitten-like to me. He’s eating well, he’s grooming, he’s affectionate and purring, and sometimes he even runs across the grass in his morning forays outside and plays. I won’t take him to the Vets unless I absolutely have to and work on the principle that a miracle is possible but whatever the outcome,


Karen's Remark

"Wendy was a Godsend.   Wendy’s healing has supported us both in a very valuable way."


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