I offer a unique healing experience for both you and your horse and I get great results.

As an Animal Aromatics Practitioner, I use the principles of applied zoopharmacognosy to enable your horses to exercise its innate knowledge of self-selection and medication to restore or maintain its health.​

However, a naturally gifted transformational healer, I connect to the energetic source of the problem, which could be causing both a physical symptom and an emotional reaction and then positively change this, supporting your horse both emotionally and physically immediately. 


The therapeutic properties of plants have long been recognised. These include:


  • Anti-bacterial, so great to help wounds

  • Analgesic, so helps when there is pain

  • Anti-inflammatory, reduces inflammation

  • Vulnerary, so speeds up wound healing

  • Boosts the immune system 

However, the essential oils and herbs can have a profound effect on your horse’s emotional state too.  Being supportive and healing for:


  • Depression perhaps after loosing a friend

  • Grief or has experienced a traumatic event

  • Calming particularly in times of high stress

  • Supportive especially if pain is anticipated such as dentistry or clipping



Most conditions respond exceptionally well to the essential oils and aromatics:


  • Mudfever, Sweet-itch, Rainscald

  • Sarcoids, warts

  • Respiratory problems such as COPD

  • Inflammatory conditions, such as laminitis 

  • Tendon and muscular problems

  • Arthritis

  • Cuts and injuries

  • Emotional and behavioural problems such as        

    • Aggressive and angry behaviour

    • Grief and depression

    • Release from psychological and emotional traumas


Our session with your horse will follow the principles of Applied Zoopharmacognosy in that based on the case history, a selection of herbs will be offered for your horse to choose at liberty.  His selections will then guide which essential oils and other aromatics are then offered.

This is a fascinating time as your horse will purposefully sniff, inhale, ingest or indicate for an application to a specific area on his body.

The sessions last 2-3 hours but the change in the depth of your relationship with your horse will last a lifetime.

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Healing is a huge leap of faith for some, though it has been a constant throughout history and now has been scientifically proven to be of value.

I provide a unique healing experience, which I refer to as Energetic Re-alignment for both you and your horse .

Why is it unique?  Because I work with your horse's quantum hologram, I can then understand and see the disrupted energy fields in their bodies and then direct energy to create a positive outcome. 


Naturally, as word has spread, about my healing Energetic Re-Alignment work my clients are no longer limited to horses but include adults, cats, dogs and children too.


On a professional note : I can  make no guarantees about my healing work, though I do assure you that I will work openly and generously with your horse at all times.  This is no substitute for proper veterinary diagnosis and care but is additional support for  yourself and your horse.