Another of the joys of running my livery yard was the flock of sheep I had during lambing.

One young lamb was incredibly instrumental in my journey. This poor little fella had developed a chest infection and he was starting to slip away. Never had I felt so determined to help as the ewe looked at me with sorrowful eyes.

Trained in animal aromatics, I selected a couple of essential oils to offer the lamb and even in his unconscious state, he obviously inhaled as his nostrils flared in response, though his eyes remained closed.

I just sat, as his mother stood quietly over him in a stall. It was dark and all we could hear were the horses munching their haynets and the other ewes chewing their cuds. It was then that I had my first clairaudient experience (clear hearing). Believe it or not, the first time can be quite scary! After all, it isn’t usual to “hear” voices when there is nobody else around is it? But years on, the memory of that voice is still strong.

So what did I hear? The instruction to heal this lamb! I wasn’t trained or Reiki attuned at the time and had no experience but just a vague idea. So then began a tense argument with myself!

“Could I.., couldn’t I…, would I…, wouldn’t I…?”

Until I just decided to try.

So, I tentatively put my hands out over his body and was surprised when I could feel this intense, angry heat radiating from his chest area, so I moved my hands slightly and the rest of his body was cool, so back to his lungs.

“Now what?”

“Take the heat”


I thought I gave energy. But it seemed not! So, I visualised the heat travelling up my hands and out through my feet and still my internal argument raged.

“If I’m taking out bad, surely good needs to go in?” “But I can’t do both!”

“Don’t worry about the good, just take the bad”

I can’t remember how long I stayed, but the lamb became cooler so I quietly left.

The following morning, I saw the farmer and asked if he’d seen the lamb.

“Funny” he said, “I came down early to collect him as I didn’t want you getting upset to find him dead and he was up suckling!”

So in the shake of a lamb’s tale I discovered I was a healer.

#healinglivestock #healinglambs #healing #animalhealing #animalhealer

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