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Embracing the Connection

I find it absolutely fascinating how a horse, who has perhaps never had an animal communicator connect with him, embraces the moment and immediately shares images that have meaning for their owner.

Two horses, Henry and Inndie have made me laugh recently by the clarity of their message for me.

Henry showed me that he loves playing with a big gym ball and his energy was one of excitement as he kicked and chased it around his paddock. His fun and playfulness so evident.

His owner confirmed that indeed he had had a ball but destroyed it by jumping on it and biting it! So Henry is now getting a new ball and, as he was so excited by the idea of kicking the ball, Karen is now going to try playing football with him.

Inndie however, was a little more of a challenge as she showed me herself very deliberately picking blades of grass!

"Great, all horses pick grass as they eat it!"

However, she kept showing me her exaggerated choice of grass, which was funny in itself to watch but even more hilarious when I had the full explanation from her owner, Robert. It turns out that Inndie has quite a sense of humour which comes into its own when Robert is maintaining the paddocks. Following ragwort removal, Robert plants a new clod of grass and it turns out that Inndie has been known to follow him around picking up the new grass and tossing it to one side!

So whilst these are 2 amusing instances which have given me clear and confident visual messages, I’ve come to understand how important it is for a horse to be able to express his emotions and be heard as this can usually be at the root of a problem, be it physical or emotional.

A couple of years ago, I visited a thoroughbred horse, Bradley, who was terrified of being out in his field and preferred the safety of his stable. If his owner, Sue, tried to leave him out with his companion, he would stand and rear by the gate or try and jump it. As you can imagine Sue was at her wits end, as this had been ongoing for 6 months and she had no idea what had caused this behaviour. I connected with Bradley and he was able to show me that on the neighbouring farm, the farmer had been going out into the adjoining field and shooting his gun, which naturally had terrified him. I was then able to support Bradley energetically through the range of emotions and show him it was safe to be out in his paddock grazing, the farmer was not going to hurt him. Then it was crunch time! Would he, wouldn’t he graze now?

I coached Sue at this point, as she needed to be with me in the end result of seeing Bradley walk calmly into the field and put his head down and start grazing. We had to be clear and consistent. Literally 5 minutes later, Bradley was calmly walking round the field with me and grazing in hand for the first time in 6 months and Sue was in tears!

I love how this 2 way flow of energy can bring such laughter and such healing. If you are curious to learn more about animal communication, then please do give me a call.

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