What’s our impact on our animals?

For years, I’d been amused by horses selecting remedies, not for themselves but for their owners! It may seem incredible but it happened too often to ignore. Importantly though, the owner's emotional or physical state was having an impact on their horse's health.

What I am now exploring is how much our projections of how “something should be” impacts our horses and pets.

My 16 year old Freya cat is one of my teachers. A couple of years ago, she became more cautious about going out preferring to sit on the door step and just watch the world go by. We have a regular tom cat visiting the garden and whilst he tries to bully her she seemed to hold her own but I just decided that it would be safer for her to stay in and closed her cat flap. The key point here is I DECIDED. I thought I was keeping her safe. Over the next few months Freya’s health deteriorated with the early stages of kidney disease and she became more reclusive.

Along came another cat client and as I listened to her talking about her cat I realised how controlling she was being with him, again to protect him and keep him safe. “HELLO” the woodpecker said as he tapped me smartly on my head – recognise something here?

I promptly opened up Freya’s cat flap and the turnaround in her health was remarkable. I gave her back her freedom. She started to enjoy long days in the sun, not in our garden but one behind! She was contented and obviously not the scared old lady I had labelled her as.

I’m sharing this story because I believe it is so important to give our animals choice and not to be limited by what we believe is the right way to do things or to protect them. ​

We can also take this a stage further we can unconsciously start to project how our animals should be – ie. They are now 20 so should be arthritic or on their way out. A friend asked everybody to see her cat in glowing health when he had been getting ready to transition – the change in his demeanour and health was remarkable!

As I work with clients, particularly horses with sarcoids the key is asking them to see their horse healed because that is what I do, then there is absolutely no conflicting information and we are all in alignment. Animals respond to these thoughts. I also started to see Freya well and her kidney disease is now progressing very slowly, if at all and whilst I thought she only had days left a year ago, now there is no limit.

Our thoughts are very powerful and full of energy and can have a strong impact on everything around us.

It's an interesting thing to explore what we project onto our animals and then become curious about how it is impacting them.

#animalhealing #animalcommunication #healing

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