Can our horses really benefit from healing?

Horses are just like us, they experience fear, anxiety, grief, loss and lack of confidence and each of these emotions has an impact on their health. Grief and anger, if not expressed, turns inwards and can lead to depression and some horses choose to isolated themselves.

Horses are herd animals, innately relying on numbers for safety so it is not a natural thing for them to be apart therefore we must ask; how is this effecting their health? Do we ever consider how traumatic it may be for our horses as they move yards? They may have to leave beloved field companions. So they grieve and then perhaps do not integrate as well in the next yard.

So what is healing? Quite simply it is the transfer of energy which creates an uplifted vibration in the recipient.

We learnt in school that everything has a vibration. Emotions, sound, disease and vitality have a unique and distinguishable vibration, some more harmonious than others – just think about a piece of music that sends chills of delight down your spine or another than just leaves you agitated.

Scientists have now recorded the frequencies of emotions; grief is 75Hz and fear is 100Hz. I am sure you can relate to a time when you were perhaps experiencing grief or fear and can remember how low and fatigued you felt? As I mentioned previously, our horses experience these emotions in just the same way. Healers work in space of deep, unconditional love and the frequency of love is 528Hz and peace is 600Hz. This naturally boosts the emotional energy of the horse enabling the immediate shift to occur restoring confidence, lifting depression or releasing grief.

So how can healing benefit your horse?

I’ve found that healing can have many unexpected and delightful outcomes;

  • It can speed up the recovery of a physical injury It can ease/remove sensitive skin or inflammation in the body

  • It give loving energy in the time of a crisis or change and restore calmness

  • It can erase the memories of trauma, fear and loss restoring contentment and confidence

  • Healing may bring about change where all else has failed

  • There are no side- effects and no harm can be done.

I recently helped 2 horses as both were suffering separation anxiety following the death of one of their companions. This had also manifested as pain through their bodies making grooming difficult as they did not enjoy being brushed. Both horses exhibited change within 24 hours. One mare regained her playful streak and over a couple of days the separation anxiety ceased, there was a calmness and confidence in both not witnessed before and the best outcome; these 2 mares bonded for the first time and started grooming each other as well as enjoying being brushed once more.

If you have a horse that is not their usual vibrant, happy, confident self, then rather than worry, I would invite you to get in touch.

#horsehealing #energyhealing

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