Meet Henry

I first met Henry at the end of January, a much loved horse who had been through the wars and suffered with sarcoids.

Henry was not interested in getting to know me, he just munched his hay and when I noticed a disruption in his energy field around his hind quarters, he just swished his tail angrily at me as I moved to put my hand above it. Karen, his owner, shared that he did not like being touched or groomed.

He was also very much a loner and lacked in confidence. Sadly, he did not engage with her other 2 horses; Tango and Deago and actively avoided Deago.

I started connecting with Henry from a distance and Henry worked with me. He showed me that he used to have a large ball and that he loved playing with it and Karen confirmed this. Over the next couple of weeks, Karen reported the steady changes in Henry’s personality:

  • He became playful

  • He started showing his smart side; he kept opening gates and grazing where he chose

  • He started inviting Tango to play

  • He became grazing buddies with Deago

  • He started to enjoy being groomed

However, Henry’s sarcoids started changing in texture and a couple had shrunk slightly:

These were the sarcoids in January 2018 and whilst they do not appear to bother Henry, they have steadily replicated year on year. The vet treated the first sarcoid but it returned, so now they are left alone.

In March I returned and gave Henry a hand’s on healing session. He was a little anxious to start with but gradually relaxed and I could feel him releasing emotion. Karen also felt emotional during the session.

The sarcoids have changed in texture and some in size and shape.

A couple of days after my visit, Karen text me to let me know that one of the large sarcoids had burst open and dropped out. It healed cleanly.

I returned again last week and Henry welcomed me and just immediately “sank” into the healing session; leaning into me and welcoming my touch.


#sarcoids #horsehealing #horsewhisperer #equinesarcoids

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