Horses with sarcoids – can healing really help them?

Equine Wellness Consultant, Wendy Price, explores the power of healing horses and does it really work?

As a healer and alternative therapist, I’ve learnt to look at things from a different angle and my first port of call is always the emotions. We don’t always recognise what a powerful driving force emotions are in our own lives but the same applies to our horses too. A client was surprised to discover how much her recently acquired horse had internalised over the years as he showed me images from infancy, when I connected with him this week.

Over the years I’ve worked with several horses each troubled by sarcoids and my focus has always been their emotions first, simply because when gathering their case history, in most cases there had been a significant traumatic event for the horse, just prior to the first sarcoid appearing. For me, that is not a coincidence.

I met Henry at the end of January and he had been through the “wars” emotionally. He was not interested in saying “hello”, just tugged at his hay and swished his tail in irritation if I tried to stroke him. Karen has 2 other horses, but Henry kept himself to himself and did not engage or play with them.

Henry has sarcoids and the first one appeared after he had had an eye removed and was treated by his vet. However, the sarcoids have just continued to multiply.

I work with Henry remotely. After a couple of days Karen reported that Henry had begun inviting one of his companions to play and also remained relaxed on his own when the other two went out on a hack, in fact he had done a delightful bucking canter in the opposite direction – almost a whoopee “I’ve got the field to myself!” More importantly, the sarcoids had started to change; becoming crusty and dried out.

So what is healing? Quite simply it is the transfer of energy which creates an uplifted vibration in the recipient.

We learnt in school that everything has a vibration. Emotions, sound, disease and vitality have a unique and distinguishable vibration, some more harmonious than others – just think about a piece of music that sends chills of delight down your spine or another than just leaves you agitated.

Scientists have now recorded the frequencies of emotions; grief is 75Hz, fear is 100Hz and anger is 150Hz. I am sure you can relate to a time when you were perhaps experiencing grief or fear and can remember how low and fatigued you felt? As I mentioned previously our horses experience these emotions in just the same way. As I work I am in space of deep, unconditional love and this is the energy I send this to the horses. The frequency of love is 528Hz and peace is 600Hz.

This naturally boosts the emotional energy of the horse enabling the immediate shift to occur restoring confidence, lifting depression or releasing grief. The frequency for courage is 200Hz and willingness is 310H and as Henry is demonstrating; the energy is helping uplift him.

I went back to visit Henry after 4 weeks and what a difference. He walked across the field to greet me and quite happily came into his stable and allowed me to give him some energetic healing. As I worked, I felt a huge energetic release within his abdomen and it started to gurgle loudly and both Karen and I felt emotional at the same time. Henry who had been a little nervously pulling at his hay, stopped and just became still. As I turned to say goodbye, he put his forehead to mine.

There was also an obvious difference with his sarcoids, they were appearing more dried up and some were smaller as the photographs show.

A couple of days later, I had a text to say one of the large sarcoids had burst open and a few hours later it dropped out leaving a clean crater.

Henry is not unique by his change in behaviour, TJ based in Alberta, Canada has been described as becoming exuberant and playful – almost too playful. His owner also says his sarcoids are shrinking but I’m waiting for the next set of pictures.

A week ago, Charlee came into my life a beautiful 16.2hh Trakhener, who in December found his forever home with Donna in Scotland. Donna described him as a sweet, kind, lovely horse but lacking in confidence. Charlee has had a tough time over the years as he has changed hands several times and has developed sarcoids.

Charlee’s lack of confidence would typically show up when another of Donna’s horses would walk towards his hay pile and he would walk away and sometimes even a little panicky. He also actively avoided Orbitor, another of her horses.

The first day I connected with Charlee, Donna laughed as she gave me an update: “Charlee was trying get into Orbitor’s bucket!” Previously he had occasionally walked over but he never attempted put his head in! “Yes, he has some brave pants on with confidence”!

A couple of days later; she shared with me: “I thought I'd bring out Bailey treats see if there change in Charlee... they love them but poor Charlee normally walks away...not today! All 3 were fighting to get their head in the treats bucket ....he is definitely working with you! Before he used to take some and walk away, which was it was shame, so it is great to see him more confident and the others are not so pushy with him.”

The following morning, she arrived at the field and Charlee nickered in greeting and Orbitor was stood closely next to him as they waited for breakfast.

So how can healing benefit your horse?

I’ve shown just a couple of examples how that healing can have many unexpected and delightful outcomes.

Remote healing is effective, just as Charlee and TJ are proving, however working with my hands on a horse is phenomenal. I can feel the energy moving as emotions are released and because I am next to them and feeling what they are experiencing, I am literally holding them with deep empathy as they allows their fear, grief or anger to be expressed. It is a deeply honouring moment.

The following are just a few other ways horses have been helped:

  • It has speeded up the recovery of a physical injury

  • It has eased/removed sensitive skin or inflammation in the body

  • It has relax tense and painful muscles or nerve pain

  • It has also supported other treatments working at a much deeper level

What’s important to note though, is that there are no side- effects with healing and no harm can be done.

So can healing help sarcoids? There are no absolute guarantees as each horse responds differently, however, each and every horse I have connected with has shown a very positive change in their personality and vitality. Healing takes time and is dependent on each horse, however the joy as you witness your horse happy and playful again, curious about life and finding his confidence again, gives confidence in the outcome.

I must point out here, that I will only help a horse after a vet has been consulted.

If your horse has got sarcoids and you are curious to know more about how healing may help them, then please get in touch. For more information about how I can help, then please visit my website, or give me a call on 07850 640972.

Wendy Price is a natural horse healer, medical intuitive and animal communicator. She is qualified Aromatherapist, Animal Aromatics Practitioner, Reiki practitioner, RCK Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual and Intuitive Coach.

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