An on-site healing client

"My thoroughbred, Queenie,  has been a bit of a problem horse since she came to us 3 years ago.  She had a rough old time and wasn't inclined to trust anyone and was very closed off.  She has improved since we have had her but still has emotional issues and wind sucks. 


After Wendy came to visit her an amazing thing occurred.  She immediately stopped wind sucking and has hardly done it in the last few weeks and interestingly the herd accepted her immediately.   Her character has become more relaxed...she has started whinnying to me and comes over to say "hi"...she was pretty unsociable previously. 




Remote healing 

"She is a gift and a blessing."


Claire Gaudry, Ph.D


If you are reading this testimonial because you are hesitating to engage Wendy’s healing services and need a bit of reassurance, think no more. Wendy has an undeniable gift. From a distance, via the invisible, she makes very tangible, visible things happen.

I have asked Wendy for support on many occasions, both for myself and my children.

I have recently entered peri-menopause which came with crippling levels of exhaustion, lengthy heavy menstruation as well as emotional roller coasters. Sadly, it took me a while to click that it would be a situation Wendy would be able to help. She was immediately on the case and within 10min of her distance healing session, I felt different. I had a spring in my step, my body felt like it had an internal spring clean and my mind was light and fresh. I have not looked back since. Wendy’s healing opened a very new phase of my life, I won’t go into details here, but I’ve gone from dragging myself around, needing to nap at least once a day to having great levels of energy, my menstrual bleeds under control and loads of ideas for my new business.

Both my children have also been at the receiving end of Wendy’s healing. I once called Wendy in a panic, while driving my son from our GP surgery to paediatrics A&E under urgent instruction from our GP. My son had a high fever we hadn’t been able to control for several days, a very bad cough and looked as white as a sheet. I remember watching him transform in front of my eyes in the waiting area. On arrival he was looking like he was on the verge of collapse in my arms, a nurse checked him at 40.5C. By the time he got to the paediatrician, a couple of hours later, he was toddling around, playing with the hospital toys and his temperature was 37.2C. Wendy had done her magic!

I have also asked Wendy several times to work on my eldest child who has neurological difficulties. A while ago, Wendy worked with my daughter for about three months. It was amazing to see how much progress happened during that time both physically and emotionally. My daughter found a lot of confidence in her body and dared more, which allowed her to progress and strengthen. Today, she is walking with one stick and looks like she is going to transition to independent walking any time. I have no doubt that without Wendy’s work, she would still be ‘stuck’ in her walking frame still lacking the balance necessary for physical independence.

Recently, I asked Wendy to do another two weeks of work on my daughter. I wanted her to help my daughter strengthen her hands which still have a tremor and low muscle tone. Within a few days, she was able to do joined up writing for the first time and tonight (3 weeks after healing) at dinner she cut her sausages all by herself, also for the first time ever.

So here we are, have faith. I, for sure, am so grateful our paths have crossed Wendy’s.

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